LINCT is a college access program whose primary goal is to reduce traditional barriers to enrollment at CUNY by ensuring that students who graduate from NYC public high schools enter college academically eligible to take and succeed in credit-bearing courses. During the 2017-2018 school year, ~3200 students in 80 high schools are enrolled in one or more credit-bearing LINCT courses. By Fall 2018, LINCT will serve 4000 students in 100+ schools. LINCT’s year-long ELA and Math courses are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and are offered in students’ high school as part of students’ regular school day and course sequence. The curricula, developed and supported by CUNY’s LINCT Instructional Team, engage students in high-interest content. In ELA, students develop academic literacy skills through topics in introductory psychology and sociology.  In Math, they focus on non-routine problem-solving, proportional reasoning, and core topics in Algebra and Statistics. The courses are intended to prepare students for college placement exams and a range of college and career readiness and life skills. As part of our unique model, the LINCT team at CUNY provides intensive and highly popular cohort-based professional development and instructional coaching to DOE teachers beginning in the summer and extending throughout the school year.

The goals of LINCT are to:

-Ensure that students arrive at college academically qualified to succeed in college credit-bearing courses

-Build teacher capacity to provide high-quality coursework to high school seniors who are at risk of graduating with need for remediation in college

-Support schools and teachers in understanding the skills needed and benchmarks used to determine postsecondary readiness and success

-Reduce traditional barriers to enrollment into CUNY schools and their opportunity programs

 LINCT Curriculum Overview (CLICK HERE!)