CBO Partnerships

CBO Partnerships

For several decades, non-profit community-based organizations (CBOs) have supported students in preparing for and applying to college.  More recently, many of these organizations have expanded their missions to include college retention and completion efforts.  CBOs are well positioned to play this role given their prior knowledge of students, relationships with family, and knowledge of students’ community.  But even as these organizations fill a significant need, their access to campus services is often quite limited.  Strive for Success (S4S) plays a critical role in supporting CBO staff on individual CUNY campuses, by providing space to meet with students and links to key offices, such as advising and financial aid.

CBO Partners receive the following benefits:

  • Knowledge that your students have support on campus
  • Login to Apricot (Online database used to track student interactions with their SSL and milestones)
  • Updates about how your students are doing throughout the year
  • Increased access to students on campus
  • A point person to contact for help connecting to needed offices on campus
  • Alerts when students are in need of attention

CBO Partner Commitments include:

  • Connecting with the SSLs assigned to working with your students at each campus you are sending students
  • Working with SSLs who might be having trouble connecting with your CBO students and encouraging students to engage with their SSL
  • Minimum of 1x month contact with Campus Coordinators and SSLs regarding program events and student update
  • Sharing ideas and/or delivering relevant CBO workshops on campus for S4S students and  scheduling workshops with Campus Coordinators and inviting your students to attend
  • Checking Apricot regularly to run reports and see how your students are doing


If your CBO is interested in becoming a partner please contact Rebecca Beeman at Rebecca.Beeman@cuny.edu for more information.