Spotlight Story

Oumar Diaby

Student Success Leader

College: Hostos Community College

Major: Business Management

Graduation Date: December 2017

Oumar is a second-year student at Hostos Community College.  He was born in Mali and now lives in the Bronx. Oumar is currently a Student Success Leader with the Strive for Success program.

What do you like best about college?

The diversity, meeting different people from all different backgrounds.  The best lessons I’ve learned on campus didn’t come from a classroom, they came from meeting, and speaking with people from all different upbringings.

What are your plans after college?

Taking the knowledge from my business degree, and eventually opening my own business someday.  My ultimate goal is to receive my MBM (Master in Business Management) and eventually open my own business.  Hostos and S4S have helped me tremendously so far to begin achieving my goals.

What are you majoring in at college?

I am currently studying Business Management.

In what ways has S4S helped you explore college and/or career opportunities that you would not have had otherwise?

S4S helped me learn so much about the college, and all of the resources the campus has to offer.  Last semester, I was not a part of Strive for Success.  It was very difficult to find my way around the campus, now I lead tours and show other students.

How did you come to be a Student Success Leader (SSL)?

When the opportunity came, I took advantage of it, because I love to help people, and I thought the job would help me take on more of a leadership role.  Being an SSL has helped me build leadership skills that I would have never gotten from a traditional classroom.  I will forever be grateful for that.

What are some of the activities you engage in outside of school and work?

Spend time with family.  I also take walks around the park in order to get some fresh air and clear my head.  I do spend most of my time working on my school work, but when I do have the time, taking a long walk really relieves some of the stress that comes with being so busy with school.

What advice would you give to a LINCT high school student about how to succeed in college and/or the college application process?

Keep your school work your main priority over everything else, and use all campus resources to your advantage.  No matter what distractions you have in your life it is really important to keep your school work first if you get behind it is really hard to catch up.