Our Mission & Model

LINCT to Success (formerly “At Home in College”) is a college access, transition and success program consisting of three components:  Pre-College (serving high school seniors), Bridge to College (serving graduating seniors in the summer between high school and college), and College (serving community college students).

Our Vision, Mission, Values & Guiding Principles:

Vision:  The CUNY LINCT to Success vision is to close the opportunity and achievement gap for New York City youth.

Mission:  LINCT to Success provides comprehensive learning opportunities so that New York City high school and college students develop the habits, attitudes and skills necessary to achieve long-term college and career success.


Values (Click on the below Values to see our Guiding Principles):


  • We acknowledge the need for and provide a holistic model of youth development and program support.
  • We support a comprehensive definition of student success.
  • We embrace opportunities for educators and program staff to achieve self-efficacy within their disciplines.


  • We believe stakeholders are accountable to each other and to program goals.
  • We trust that transparency across stakeholders yields more effective practices and improved student outcomes.
  • We understand that accountability goes hand in hand with responsibility.


  • We are goal-oriented and invested in well-defined program outcomes.
  • We value the rigorous delivery and documentation of program activities.
  • We seek to provide clarity around all program processes so that students and practitioners can navigate each phase confidently.
  • We value our stakeholders’ time.


  • We create a data-informed culture that guides programming for long-term outcomes.
  • We analyze program data regularly in order to address opportunity and outcomes gaps for sub-groups of participants.
  • We believe that effective program evaluation helps us identify meaningful practices and improve student outcomes.
  • We value evidence-based practices in the design of professional development for program staff.


  • We believe purposeful collaboration expands learning opportunities for all stakeholders.
  • We promote the sharing of resources and best practices.
  • We believe a growth mindset approach is essential to strengthening our partnerships.

Our Model:

LINCT to Success (nee “At Home in College”) is a comprehensive, school-based program designed to support students, teachers, and counselors in NYC public schools. The program goals are two-fold:

  • Support the deeper development of academic literacy and math skills so that eligible high school seniors can begin college better prepared for college-level coursework
  • Provide resources for teachers and counselors to help these students navigate the college research, application, and matriculation process


Across the various program components, LINCT is also working toward achieving the DOE’s 4 Pillars—strategies for improving student achievement and engaging the entire community:

  • Improve student achievement by aligning all instruction to the Common Core standards
  • Honor and respect the craft of teaching and school leadership
  • Engage parents and families in school life
  • Create collaborative and innovative models